Djuddah A.J. Leijen

Djuddah A.J. Leijen is the PI of the BWRITE project, and researcher of writing processes in general and the role external factors have on text more specifically. He has published on topics ranging from the effect of peer review of writing, the use of Machine Learning as a method to predict which features effect changes in text, and more recently on the identification of academic text features in multiple languages to determine what features identify a genre, a discipline, a language.

Djuddah has participated in many international conferences and writing research seminars and workshops. He enthusiastically applies his research to his teaching of writing to PhD students at the university of Tartu, and collaborative work across the Nordic and Baltic region through different networks, as well as through his involvement in different organisations.

The current project highlights the importance of collaborative work across the Baltic States to place the importance of writing (the research and teaching 0f) higher on the agenda at educational institutions and policy makers.

AVOK | Centre for Academic Writing and Communication
Juhan Liivi 4, 50409 Tartu