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On September 29 and 30, 2022, Bwrite team visited Vilnius University to participate in Sixth International Conference of Applied Linguistics ‘Languages and People: Problems and Solutions. Our presentation ‘Revealing MA Theses Structures using Machine Learning Methods’ (authors: Margaux, Helen, Jolanta, and Djuddah) focused on the automatic analyses of IMRaD vs. other structures in Estonian and Lithuanian master’s theses. We showed that while IMRaD structure is taken as a given in many disciplines, there are also other possible structures, which can be used even more often than IMRaD. However, for the computer it makes sense to distinguish only IMRaD vs. not IMRaD, thus leaving the more subtle differences for the human eye to detect. After the presentation, we enjoyed a lovely discussion with the audience, which proved once again: the conventions of academic writing are important to everyone working in academia, and the more we know about it, the easier it is (for students) to write, and for teachers to teach how to write.